On Being Young

It’s nice to be young. Unfortunately, young people get this bad rap of being naïve and uncaring — partying all day, all night, as if there ain’t no tomorrow. But there is this very delightful and hopeful side of being young that comes from seeing the world with fresh eyes — namely, the strong desire to change the world. However, this part of us don’t survive to adult-hood. There’s just too much compromises, too much “have to,” and “got to.” And we all end up fitting awkwardly into society. But a part of me, doesn't want this, and I‘m guessing there is voice in all of us that says, “This can’t be right, can it?” This kind of societal structure that we have, is just too unkind and cruel. It’s very limiting and destroys a lot of human potential. And so when you’re young, you rebel against this world and its ways. You rebel until reality catches up. And you grow up and “shape up” until you fit in. But the rules of the world were written by ordinary people. And so even if we are forced to grow up, we must find it in ourselves to always look for little things we can re-write so that we may move towards a kinder and gentler world.