Melancholia and Melbourne

I have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia after 5 years of Perth. The amount imagery in the last 12 days that I’ve been documenting here so far is quiet bewildering. The beat of a new city has made me hyper vigilant to make photographs but what has become incredibly obvious since arriving is that these early days are extremely important for those personal moments.

I’ve taken more important images in the last few days than the last 3 months combined. The ricoh gr has had several problems but it still takes a good photograph and reliable in that sense, I have listed to sell it but I may change my mind last minute. I must admit I miss shooting film, which is unsurprising I guess.

I’m staying at my cousin’s apartment which is incredibly close to Melbourne CBD. I don’t think I would want live far from it once I do find a place of my own. I met up with my half-sister Ida a few times last week, she had an exhibition here in Melbourne for the last few weeks which has recently just closed.

The time difference with Jakarta has proven to be quite a problem for my long distance relationship. The long distance aspect will be over soon enough but it has caused a stir of anxiety in me for what is to come. Yet nonetheless I am eager for the not so distant future. Melbourne isn’t quite yet home but I am hopeful. Life is beginning to unfold.

Nick and Charlie
Bourke St. Mall, flower memorial for the victims of the incident of the 19th
this person

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