On Being Broke and Shooting on the iPhone

I’ve recently been processing a lot of my photos through silver efex pro (a free piece of software now owned by google that simulates black and white darkroom processes) whether it be digital shots, colour film photos, or black and white film. I feel like this step in my process gives my digital files or scans the chance to become a negative of sorts. I found the process gave my photos a more finalised look, closer to that of a darkroom print; a final form. I’m sure I’ll tweak the particular look with time, an example would be the size of the border. The aesthetics definitely become increasingly difficult to place in time, and it is if anything a nod to photographers such as Fukase, Junku Nishimura, and Justin White.

Another perk of this process is that the digital files from my phone are now incredibly usable even next to shots taken on my leica or even the ricoh. For the most part I’m really enjoying this experiment, but it does run into a few minor shortfalls. I’ve never been a fan of the native 4x3 orientation the iphone shoots at, this also perhaps one of the few reasons I don’t think I would consider a micro-four thirds system particularly desirable. Another is the lack of dynamic range which requires me to shoot in hdr mode for anything serious, which is unsuitable for fast paced street photography where shooting in hdr is just impossible.

Shooting like this is really quite do-able and quite rewarding considering I’m too broke to afford film right now. All the photos below were taken on my iphone 6s plus.

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