Artist Management & Promotion Mid-Term

leo filth is an upcoming rapper in the Twin Cities. His upcoming release show on 11/2 features many well known local artists such as J Plaza, Deonte Davis, and more.

Online Presence: leo filth is active on both Facebook and Twitter. He has 111 likes on Facebook and 148 followers on Twitter. His personal Facebook gets a larger audience than his “artist page.”

Fan Options: Fans have the option to reach out on either social media site. He is pretty good about replying to all of them and is relatively active on both, with a slight disposition towards Twitter. Unfortunately, those are about the only two options. He doesn’t yet have a website up.

Critique: leo filth’s fan communication is good but is could be a lot more interesting. A website would be the first step. After that, some cool innovative fan communication strategies could be implemented. An app, online points, prizes, etc might be the right direction to solidify his online presence.

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