How to Make Time for God…

I recently read ideas on how to make time for God when life is busy… Basically — don’t bother…

Simply put, this whole idea is spiritually backwards and intended (by powers of darkness!) to spring feelings of condemnation onto a Believer. [“Oh my gosh! I haven’t spent any time with God this week!”]

There’s a Key spiritual element missing in this line of thought: faith and confidence. That is, never neglect God’s faithfulness toward us! He Who began this work of salvation in our lives will complete it! Not you! What joy there is in realizing that God is faithful to us even when we are unfaithful to Him! (After all, if we were never unfaithful to God, we’d be perfect and there’d be no reason for Jesus to have sacrificed Himself. He died for sinners…)

The truth is, we never have to “make time for God” because God has “made time” for us… When we are unfaithful (which is often), God is always faithful… He never leaves us; we are never apart from Him or alone.

In fact, it’s when life is at its busiest and we have nary a thought for God that God is “closest” (you might say, though there’s no “distance” between a Believer and God.)

So how does one “make time for God when life is busy”?

Don’t worry about it. Just thank Him and rejoice in Him the next time you have a free moment — then get back to work!


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