Like, Love, or One?

A glance, a flash of eyes, a flip of hair
two like one another
instantly enraptured
urgently vital, thrilled,
and deeply intoxicated
no one else
whirls across the floor
in more than a dance,
more of a dalliance
an affaire de coeur lasting
no longer than,
“Last Call!”

Wisely the Bible warns
quickly, unexpectedly,
One temple bonds with another,
A bond, irréparable,
so wafer-thin
so gossamer flimsy
that two can walk away
from one
as tho temples never worshiped
as one,
in flesh.

There are two who become one with
No dalliance, no flimsy tie
or subjective duty,
but a fidelity —
so two come to know one another
so two come to know the very best
so two come to know the very worst
so two come to know
all that is to be known
nothing hidden
nor tucked away
out of sight of the other;
The Bond of Love.

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