The Danger of Oneness in Jesus Christ

There’s no danger in being one with Jesus Christ. In fact, more people are one with Him than even know it. I can’t call Oneness with Christ pandemic, necessarily, as it’s such a very good thing and that’s such a very bad word, but there can be some real problems related to oneness in Jesus Christ.

Let me be clear: people who are fairly ignorant of spiritual things, possibly unchurched (or at least bored to tears while in church), and haven’t the slightest idea of what Oneness with Christ means are pretty much safe. The trouble comes with those who are more thoroughly taught in the doctrine and dogma of the church.

People who become religious and begin to pursue spiritual things run the risk of actually achieving their goals. To be clearer, whatever spiritual goal is achieved by a person’s pursuit of that goal is sin — because anything we can accomplish by fleshly effort or mental endeavor falls short of the righteousness of God. If a person could (by dint of their own effort) please God, than Jesus was crucified for no reason at all. He loved us and gave up his life for us because he was the only human being who ever perfectly pleased God. All the rest of us fall short, no matter how hard we try to live lives that are right and good in the eyes of God.

Yet most of us will eventually die, only to find that death is the very Moment we finally Come Alive! Past mortal death, we enter into an everlasting existence!. Our everlasting life rests on Jesus having successfully defeated sin, death and the grave, and then His having called for all who so desire to become one with Him. That is, he successfully died and was raised to life again — an everlasting life — and now if we want everlasting life and the pleasure of God it can be accomplished only by letting Jesus draw us into Himself. Once made “one with Christ”, His everlasting life becomes our everlasting life; His immortal body becomes the model for our immortal bodies. For any person who allows themselves to be drawn into Jesus Christ, everything He has won for humanity becomes ours, and humanity then becomes all that God has intended it to be.

Some people, being taught what’s in the above paragraph, and thinking they understand it, commit their energies — heart and soul, time and pocketbook — into becoming one with Christ. They read wonderful books (like Born Crucified, by Maxwell) to help become one with Christ; they might adopt some spiritual exercises like those of St. Ignatius Loyola who wanted to help people deepen their spiritual lives. In their pursuit of their oneness in Christ and an increasing spiritual maturity in God, they might go to a Bible college, take challenging courses about God and miracles and the nine major theories of the Atonement with each their strengths and deficiencies…

And in so doing, live lives of unremitting, unrelenting sin.

Oh, not necessarily murder, thievery, adultery or pride — but every person who pursues oneness in Jesus Christ, who tries to grasp it, will never attain it. They will be lost along a side-road that has only a dead-end.

The person who is truly a spiritually mature person is one who knows that he or she’s one with Christ and doesn’t bother thinking about it. Whether they’re praying or shopping, worshipping or digging out a gopher, whether they’re singing with the church choir or trying on underwear at a Victoria Secret shop — they’re simply being one in Christ. Being one in Christ is not an intellectual effort or a religious exercise but a relationship.

It’s like this: When two people are married, hopefully they’ll be doing things every once in awhile that focus on their relationship, whether its making love or taking in a movie or saving up for a special dinner out —at times they’ll focus on their marriage… their oneness. But married couples don’t try to be married nor do they focus on their marriage 24/7. If he’s greasing a car in the shop or she’s leading a couple through a house they might buy, no married people keep focused on trying to become married or even “more married” — because they’re in a relationship and they’re just being one with their spouse.

Same with Jesus Christ. Those who believe God exists and that He’s a good God, and further learn about their being one with Jesus Christ are just day by day, being one with Him. Those who are trying to be one with Him are actually in sin… the sin of unbelief. The eyes that are opened by faith and trust in God understand that this relationship of being one in Christ is a happening thing — never a goal to be sought or even a theological lesson to be learned.

Be free… be free from fear and doubt… Don’t try any longer to be close to God Who will never be anything but close to you… and be free from trying to earn or learn your place in God but (by simple trust) just be in Christ!


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