The Do-It-Yourselfer

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“Get me a set of instructions that are clear
and complete”, said the Do-It-Yourselfer,
“… and accurate,” he added,
“… and I can build or do anything
“without even having done it before!”

[With a chuckle, “Anything you can do,
[I can do better,” strains of an old tune
[floating through his mind.

“Start laying courses.
“Nail the cut-off shingle into place,
```about 6 inches from its lower edge…”

Sitting on the roof,
```happily tossing out his instructions to his disciple,
The Do-It-Yourselfer started the first course, then
```(pleased to see his own Handi-work growing
``````like a living organism under his hands…)

“Hammer in one nail about 2 inches from each end of each shingle
(and another nail about 1 inch above each cutout)…”

He chattered along,
not noticing his disciple’s empty, expressionless eyes…

“Vertically, cover the nails by about 1 inch;
“Horizontally, the end nails will be covered by up to about 1/2 of a tab,
```of the shingle above…”

Confident that his every instruction would be
```comprehended, complied with, and completed perfectly…

“This is the path,” he happily burbled along,
```“… that you shall follow, and in so doing,
``````“… all this world offers will be yours as well as mine!”

[Promises would be fulfilled,
[Deity would be affirmed,
[and the world (his little garden)

… grew under his fingers and he saw
```which was good,
``````pleasant to his eyes,
`````````and much to be desired;

In so doing, he reached out and claimed it
```as his own,
``````as his own doing,
`````````as his own creation…
````````````as his own possession

(but unknown that what he possessed
```possessed him as well…)

Turning again to see into his disciple’s eyes — startled,
he saw
no disciple nor devotee,
no adherent nor acolyte,
but merely the Wind
blowing dust from his eyes
and showing
his handiwork deceived him
his arrogance defrauded him
his creation became dust and no longer divine —
not only merely mortal,
but mortally crushed by the knowledge — that he had judged and judged wrongly…
`````````that he had called evil “good”
`````````that he had called good “good”
`````````that he had stripped himself of his last opportunity
````````````to be as God
````````````by pretending to himself to be Creator-God
````````````by closing his eyes as he worked
````````````by following the lead of his deceitful heart
but not the Heart of Him Who Loved
```and Led
``````and Longed
for nothing more nor less from him

[whom the Craftsman
```[had made
```````[made for Himself
```````[made for to trust, drawing the Man…

…into a gracious and undemanding


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