I felt invincible

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Fitness and I have always been casual acquaintances. I’ve dabbled in the weights section, I’ve had whirlwind romances with running and spin classes, I’ve tried virtually every sport that doesn't involve a bat, club or racquet (I’m woefully uncoordinated). I flirted with fitness, but I never truly committed to it.

Before this challenge, I could run a solid 5k and hold my own in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) but I don’t think I had ever managed a week of consecutive once-per-day workouts. …

‘but that's what your twenties are for’

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I used to care too much about what people thought of me. I was afraid to break apart from any social norms, and that included drinking. Heavily.

I hated it. And I knew I hated it at the time, but I was desperate to go out with friends and to find the happiness those around me saw in bottles of wine and lines of tequila shots.

I hated the feeling of going to the bathroom, drunk, and realizing how dizzy I felt, my mind spinning out of my control in the stall, my head pounding to distant, blaring music.


I really didn’t think I could do it

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Last summer, I decided to do a challenge that had me working out twice a day, every day for 75 days. For 75 days, no matter what, I found time and I made it happen.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple.

If you’re interested in exactly what I did, and why, I wrote an article on it here:

Some days were difficult. My aching muscles would be screaming for me to stay in bed, and at times, I could feel the cartilage in my knees creaking as I jogged. …

Without publishing every day

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In November of 2020, I made $57.29 on Medium. It was my third month writing on the platform and I was really proud of that accomplishment.

Towards the end of November, I wrote my 11th article, which Scott Mayer published in the Medium publication In Fitness and In Health (IFAIH):

In December of 2020, I earned £1,162.78 on Medium. $1,077.73 of that was attributable to this article alone.

As of the start of February 2021, this article has earned a total $2,069.75, with 57k views, 26K reads and 635h 59m of member reading time.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

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Whether or not you’ve broken into the festive spirits yet, the holiday season is officially upon us. Its time to don your ugly sweater and start blaring Mariah Carey.

Chances are, wherever you live in the world, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa will be different this year. But I’m willing to bet that no matter what your celebrations look like, they’re still going to be expensive.

Analysis by the Bank of England suggests that the average UK household spends an extra £800 (equivalent to just over $1,000) in December, primarily on food, alcohol and gifts for friends…

#1: Re-establish your psychological momentum

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If your dedication to your health and fitness hasn't wavered at all since the advent of the coronavirus, I commend you. Mine, however, has been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs, from working out twice a day every day over the summer to taking up gymnastics (again) to… well, for a while, literally doing nothing.

I know I’m not alone in this.

As the first lockdowns and stay at home orders came into effect over the spring and summer, there seemed to be a collective sense of hope. …

An object in motion stays in motion

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Managing the ebb and flow of motivation seems to be a perpetual challenge in 2020.

As we went into our first lockdowns and stay at home orders were issued for the first time, we were baking bread, working on side hustles, and starting new fitness challenges.

But as the months have worn on, getting darker and colder, many of us have been feeling increasingly drained.

Lockdown lethargy is real

The results of a Linkedin poll conducted by professional services firm Actus found that around nine-in-ten UK workers have experienced some level of ‘lockdown lethargy’ since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, with lower energy…

A masterclass in expanding a niche consumer base

A wide range of plant-based milk products.
A wide range of plant-based milk products.
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Plant-based milk alternatives are more popular now than ever before. Starbucks has soy, coconut, almond, and oat milk at the ready for your morning coffee. Leading plant-based drink brand Oatly has developed a “barista blend” oat milk that steams and froths just like the real thing. Even my grandmother now has almond milk in her tea.

According to Research and Markets, the plant-based milk market is expected to reach US$21.52 billion in 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.18% between now and then.

Speciality Food Magazine reports that UK sales of alt-milks were up 28.3% …

But it opened my eyes to how the pandemic was affecting her mental health

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COVID-19 has had a catastrophic impact across the world. Many of us have lost loved ones. Many of us have felt isolated and alone, confined by restrictive measures preventing the spread of the disease.

I was well aware of the statistics showing the impact of the pandemic on mental health, but it didn’t truly hit home for me until the morning the internet cancelled my mother.

It was a lazy Sunday morning. The kind where it had rained all through the night and I woke up late, having not set an alarm. It should have been uneventful.

I looked at…

You didn’t need motivation as a kid

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We’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off at some unholy hour in the morning. It’s cold and dark and wet outside. It takes everything in you to crawl out of bed and reluctantly pull on your workout gear (if you manage it… some days you probably don’t).

You have to think about how you’ll be glad you worked out later, or why you need to lose weight or gain muscle or get those endorphins going.

But when you were a kid, certainly if you were anything like me, you didn’t think about these things. You played soccer or football…

Emily Stubbs

Policy, public affairs and campaigns professional, marathon runner, spin class addict and data-driven lifestyle writer.

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