Women’s Update: 3/16/16

Why you should pay attention to Snapchat

People are using Snapchat in 2016 like they were using Facebook in 2005.

Snapchat is still in its infancy and that means the only limit is your own creativity. There aren’t established best practices or ways to optimize KPIs because people are still figuring out the platform. And when there’s a digital land grab, there’s a huge opportunity for the right brands to carve out a strong following.

Zara’s new workout line

The giant global retailer delivers Spring’s hottest trends at record speeds internationally at jaw-dropping prices with it’s new activewear line.

It also includes must-have accessories such as backpacks, chic sneakers, and even a phone armband with the motivational words, “My time, our break, your moment.” The lightweight looks rival top designer activewear lines, and there are also monochromatic basics that are perfect for lounging.

Caitlin Jenner pairs with H&M Sports

An H&M spokesperson announced in a statement, “We have picked Caitlyn Jenner, one of the world’s most celebrated athletes, as part of this H&M Sports campaign because we want to illustrate that everything is possible–in sports, and in life.”

Former Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner announced yesterday on Twitter that she’ll be the new face of H&M Sport. The tweet was followed up with an Instagram upload where Jenner is seen posing on a bench in cozy leggings and a zip-up jacket. Beneath the photo the reality television star wrote, “Backstage with @hm. Can’t wait to show you more of this inspiring and amazing campaign.”

Interesting week in women’s tennis

It has been one of the more remarkable weeks on the tours, beginning with Maria Sharapova’s admission last Monday that she failed a drug test at Australia Open.

Then came Venus Williams’ much-anticipated return to Indian Wells. Although she lost in straight sets, the joyous response as she walked onto the court felt bigger than the result.

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