Rolling in the Deep Web

Rolling in the deeeep……web.

The internet provides us with a vast amount of information right at our fingertips. But what if you were told that only 4% of the world wide web is what you truly have access to through search engines? This small portion of the digital world (which seems like an infinite amount of information) is known as “The Visible Web” and just represents the surface of it all. In reality, the other 96% of the world wide web- also known as “The Invisible Web”, contains content that cannot even be accessed through the normal search engines like Google or Yahoo.

The Visible vs. The Invisible

The deep web is so vast that it is extremely difficult to keep track of anything within it. But what exactly can you access on the deep web? Anything from government resources to scientific data, or even databases for personal use can all be accessed anonymously on the deep web. But first, you must acquire the proper tools in order to reach such information:

1. Download the Tor Browser Bundle

The Onion Router

The first step to accessing the deep web is to download the Tor Browser Bundle from Tor stands for “the onion router” and is named as such due to the many layers of security and data that exist in the deep web which allow its users actions to remain almost untraceable. Once the Tor Browser Bundle is installed, it is crucial to turn off all other applications and accounts such as your personal email, calendars, ect. as well as adjust your privacy settings so that your identity can remain anonymous.

2. Your New Browser

Welcome to your new search engine

The second step to accessing the deep web is getting familiar with your new web browser. It is important to make sure you always keep your Tor browser updated on the latest version. This is so that the newest amendments made to the search engine can enhance your results and access to more data. It is also essential to ensure that your computer’s firewall is enabled and that all your cookies and other plug-ins are turned off, so that your identity cannot be revealed.

Not those kind of onions

3. Explore the Deep Web

Do not be afraid

Now that you have all the tools you need in order to access the contents of the deep web, you may be wondering what exactly is out there for you to access. The answer is- EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! And just so everyone’s identity still remains anonymous, all users access their desired websites with the .onion domain suffix. However, the deep web is not a scary place only meant for illegal activity and people wishing to hide their identities. It is also used for good and is especially beneficial for large news corporations and journalists whose job is to uncover and report the top stories around the world right as they happen. They rely on the deep web to provide them with this information when the surface web just isn’t enough.

T o conclude, there is so much more to the digital world we have yet to uncover. Prior to recent understandings of the access we have on the surface web having the utmost infinite data, that is only a small fraction of the reality of it all. Even though the deep web may contain contents that are not so pleasant (which reside in the dark web), a lot of the deep web can be helpful and extremely informative. But all users are still cautioned to tread lightly when rolling across the deep web.