MKE Violence: A Natural Defense

Last week’s class resonated with my own problem, in that the essential issue around the area was crime and drug abuse. In this case, taking advantage of a natural area within the city helped to decrease their problems, without a budget!

Because my problem is focused on the (often violent) crimes committed by teens in the Milwaukee inner-city area, I can definitely see a solution similar to that of Riverside Park.

If we were able to find some land within the city, close to the more impoverish areas, and all worked together to clear it, and begin to harvest it, we could provide a very worthwhile past time for inner city teens. Often, it seems as if crime comes as a result of boredom and a lack of a proper role model. If kids could spend time exploring nature, planting vegetables, gardening, and exercising in an area close to home, they might be able to focus on the good in their lives and form positive relationships with both other kids, mentors, and nature.

Hopefully, something like this would help reduce the crime rates in inner-city MKE, just like the Riverside Park did.

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