It’s Only Fractions

I’m writing this to remind myself (and maybe a little to remind some of you): it’s only elementary/middle school and there’s no reason to be stressed out about ANY of it.

See, right now, I *know* that. But some time between 11 am and 2 pm every weekday, I sort of forget. I look at the clock, and realize we’re 5 minutes late for a Google Meet, or there’s no way we’re going to get the fractions assignment AND the reading journal done before 3:00, and I let it get to me. I get stressed, or impatient, or overwhelmed. I GET OVERWHELMED. I’m 43 and I have a college degree and many years of varied work experience and have successfully moved abroad and am the mother of two amazing kids and *I* get stressed, impatient, or overwhelmed. I lose sight of how it all must feel to a 9 year old or an 11 year old.

So, here’s me, from tonight, full of perspective from several hours of distance from work, home learning, and household chores, sending a message to me, tomorrow afternoon, when I’m 6 hours into the swirl of school/work/home life: let it go. Let it all go. No piece of schoolwork or work-work or laundry is worth adding one bit of stress to the day. It’s all just fractions and Roald Dahl and what-kind-of-soil-does-a-desert-have anyway. It’s ok if they don’t get it done today, or tomorrow, or until next year. It’s fine. They’re fine. I’m fine. None of it is worth the emotion I’m probably trying to put into it right now. We’ll all have a better day if we let go of what’s getting done and what isn’t, and just have a hug and a laugh about another crazy day of school from home.

(Wish me luck.)

American mom, living in Austria since 2011. Freelance editor and writer (currently working for UNODC), teacher for VIPKid.