Let’s start from Scratch and learn to code: Part 1

At the Queensland College of Teachers, delivering a teacher PD web conference

In case you missed it… Thursday afternoon, 27 April, we ran our first in a three-part series of web conferences: “Let’s start from Scratch and learn to code: Part 1.”

In the first part of this series we build two quizzes in Scratch. We learn about logic patterns, algorithms, data storage and making maths fun.

On this page you will find:

  1. recording of web conference
  2. presentation slides
  3. links to Scratch projects
  4. links to web conferences for Parts 2 & 3

Recording of web conference

If you would like to watch the recording, click on this link.

For more information on the web conference schedule or if you would like to register for part 2 and 3:

- Click here for DET staff

- Click here for non-DET staff

Presentation slides

Links to Scratch projects

- Capital Cities Quiz: Learn about sequencing, variables, branching, strings, algorithms.

- Maths Quiz: : Learn about sequencing, variables, branching, maths operations, data, algorithms.

- The Conversation: Learn about sequencing, variables, joining strings, algorithms.

What next?

Part 2: Thursday 4 May, 3.30pm

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Computer science is a liberal arts”. Let’s create digital artwork and introduce how you can make animated stories with Scratch. Learn about Cartesian coordinates, algorithms, and sequencing.

Part 3: Thursday 11 May, 3.30pm

Let’s build a computer game and make learning about Cartesian coordinates fun. Learn about algorithms, sequencing, branching and looping.