Design Theorists

Within technology, there are several design theorists that have helped improve and identify the change over the years on how individuals think. The theorists are:

Jakob Nielsen

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During the years 1994 to 1998 he was a “Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer”, the job included to make a heavy duty software, such as web applications make them easier for users to use as web applications were starting to develop in the late 20th century. Nielsen as part of his job spent most a lot of his time specifying the expansion of the web, which enabled him to lead the usability of several designs for a Sun’s website.

Marshall McLuhan

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Between 1911 to 1980 McLuhan was a communication theorist that transformed human nature from new media. Today, McLuhan’s message is carried on today which states “it’s the media that have changed our patterns of thoughts and behaviour… which is dominated by the internet and social media”. This emphasises trends could be easily changed online because if an idea was stated it change the way others behaviour to like the idea for example.

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