Modern Graphic Design

In 2016 there were several graphic design trends that were presented, to consumers to become interested in culture, technology, fashion and several other industries. To everyone to be in sync with other designers, individuals came together to decide trends of the year. Below are a few:

The first trend is “Modern Retro Style”, this trend illustrates that the vintage look that was used in previous trends would be redesigned to look more modern. Below shows an image that shows the vintage design concept of technology, which was used by redesigning the technology in a way that technology loves would want to know the design.

This image shows modern retro designs used in old fashioned technology. Sourced:

Also, the image shows the Coca Cola logo, that is redesigned on the can. This shows that redesigning the logo would emphasise that the design would interest consumers to purchase the product.

The second trend is “material design” which was created by Google in 2014 emphasising the use of the grid layout system for designs. From having this modern design technique, it allows designs to create bold colour choices, perfect sized images, and larger text fonts to create an effective to the reader.

This image shows three designs that creating bold colours would enable the reader to become intererested in the design. Sourced:

Furthermore, creating additional features to designs such as a shadow and movement would make the image look real and effective. In relation to a website, that the text and icons are shown in the same space format would show to the reader that they thought the design through in order to gain more readers.

This image shows a modern website that was creating using the grid system, due to the text being centered in the design and both navigation bars having the same size and font. Sourced:

Another modern graphic design technique is using bright and bold colours, because due to the 1980s creating bright and colourful style. From this, designers would get an influence from this because having bright and bold colours, it would create an interest to the reader and therefore interest them more in reading what the content involves.


For example, this image shows an effective poster due to the bright and bold colours used. For individuals looking at this poster, if they were interested in the design, they would want to read further into the text, to find out more.

Sourced: Kliever J, 2016, The 9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016.