This morning I had a brush with infamy — I saw Brock Turner when I was biking to work.
Chris Messinger

How about rather than “reflecting” about what you can do, you (and here’s a wacky idea!!) actually DO something. Sad white man is sad that he’s sad white man (with money and privilege and power and and and and). Sure, admitting that you’re a part of rape culture is great — a first step. But ending on the “think about it” note, without suggesting for one minute what you do (except, it seems, pity the women who will suffer for it — want the stats on what’s going to happen to your niece in college?) is wanking. Self indulgent wanking. “I’ve come to a deep conclusion *sage nod*” Good for you. Are you going so far, in your “I’m Brock” to admit to sexually assaulting a woman? To standing by when it happened? To knowing about it and not saying anything? To calling a girl a slut (to her face, or to other men when she’s not around)? To calling a woman who said “no” to you a bitch? (Have you ever had a woman say no?)

I am very tired of well meaning men in your situation saying that suddenly you believe in REALITY for the rest of the world, that you *get* it, and then standing back thinking we should be all happy for and appreciate you and tell you how wonderful you are. It’s a “look at me being so humble! Aren’t I fabulous for admitting my role in oppression?” No. You’re not. You’ve reached the rank of “decent human being” or possibly just “human being.” It’s like when men get praised for doing the bare minimum as fathers. Or when a drunk boy is praised because he DOESN’T rape someone. Stop being proud of yourself for, essentially, NOT shitting in the community pool.

Be proud when you 1. behave well as a habit and 2. succesfully encourage other white, rich, … etc. men to behave well.