Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

I cannot comment on black feminism — I don’t have a connection to it except trying to keep my mouth shut and listen. But from a lit-crit point of view, this reads like every “feminism is just about women hating men!” article I’ve ever read out of the white-feminist circle. It even includes the “feminists attack men because the marry/sleep with women prettier than they are!!” It appears that the author is a woman (I’m not going to assume that, as I am not familiar with the author’s other works), which also falls squarely in the “feminists just hate men” trope collection. This reads as a typical anti-feminist woman’s response.

The thing is, I’d be willing to agree with this — and I actually believe that certain political action can result in bullying for not aligning a particular way with a particular group of people (which, isn’t that what all bullying is anyway, regardless of the person/group doing the bullying?). BUT the guy’s a rapist. Show me an example of this where a male director has a white wife and experiences this kind of backlash. The majority of the backlash I saw was because the man is a rapist. While other things might have played a role, I certainly think that lots of women who heard about it shifted to “NOPE!” about the film after the rape stuff.

So while possibly the author has a point about certain media powers, this example doesn’t seem to be useful to prove it.

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