I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

I do hope that if the GOP loses in November, you, and your truth telling, are at the front of the line rationally (hey, are you on your period the first week in November? Just checking!) and repeatedly arguing that the election was fair and unrigged. Even as thousands of GOP supporters (which, given the entire population of the GOP, is actually a small percent) try to burn the nation down because they’re convinced Hillary cheated. I do hope you’ll continue to stand firm in the face of the death threats they’ll make against you and any woman who denies their claims. I hope you’ll stand firm in front of presidential assassination attempts (before this “rigged” nonsense, Hillary was already the most likely, I think, of any president to be the recipient of both death threats and assassination attempts, second only to Obama, for being non-white and non-male).

The blindness to the polls, the claims that they are wrong and rigged, may be the single most dangerous and traitorous thing any group has ever done. We may have a shitty system, and we may end up with candidates, thanks to election finance policies, that are basically the same, just in different pockets, but what we DO NOT have is a voter fraud problem, either on the individual voter level or even, with a few exceptions, on a larger conspiracy level.

Encouraging people to believe that a crime has been committed — one that is impossible to bring to justice without massive violence to the American people — when one has NOT been committed is evil madness.

That is the kind of thing that will ruin America. So, yeah, feel bad if you participate in that — that you had any part of it and refused to work with every fiber of your being to stop it — though I’m sure you’ll be safe somewhere in a gated community, with lots of people with guns NOT pointing them at you, you pretty white lady you!

Changing and recognizing you did something wrong in the past and now won’t in the future is great. I’m not being sarcastic here. But if you don’t work to fix the problem you created, it just becomes an example of “sorry, but not sorry enough to bother to care to fix it.”

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