Attack of the Misguided Nazis and Their White Feminist Enablers
Anthony James Williams

I’m a white woman. I’m a white middle class women, raised by a white middle class family, in very white world. I marched. I was very excited about the fact that there weren’t any violent incidents, nor any arrests. Then I started reading articles like this one. Oh, crap. While the fact that no one was hurt is a good thing, the only reason there wasn’t violence was because, for the most part, white policemen will not punch, kick, bodyslam, harass, or abuse white women, especially a large group of them, especially on TV (for a lot of them), at a high profile event.

What happened with the march was important, but there were a lot of more important things about it that I didn’t see until they were pointed out to me. This is one of them.

And yes, yes, white women are individuals, blah blah blah, I’m not one of THOSE white women. Whatever. Even with the best of intentions, if I can’t see how white women participate in systematic racism (and sexism) then I’m part of the problem, no matter how many times I march.

So, yeah. Thanks for this. I’d come around to this point of view before I read your article, thanks to others. But you’re another voice that makes me rethink how I meet my responsibilities to actually help people.

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