The Far Left Is Still Out Of Touch With Black Voters
Marcus H. Johnson

In the comments before mine you summarized your opinion as (I’m paraphrasing some) “Democrats can’t win w/o the black voters and the black voters are alienated by Sanders’ supporters and the criticism of Obama” and “Black people should be paid for their labor.”

Pretty much all I’ve got is “yep.”

I’d add that the people who are hollering about how Bernie could win in 2020 are nuts for one major reason: he’s going to be, what, 88? No. I don’t want to vote for an old person. I didn’t want to vote for an old person this election, but I didn’t have a choice. We need a new generation of politicians.

I’d like to see a candidate that has four qualifications: 1. Be somewhere between the central and far left; 2. engage everyone as much as possible; 3. not be related (I might take not closely related) to anyone in politics now. No wives or husbands. No kids. No siblings; 4. Be around 40 give or take some years.