Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

That you help grandmas doesn’t make up for the fact that your company “didn’t listen.” Especially because “didn’t listen” is code for “allowed the sexual harassment of multiple (female) employees, and then made sure that such harassment was part of the backbone, the fabric, of the company. You treat your “not employees” terribly.

“Sorry we didn’t listen” is a totally unsurprising abdication of responsibility suggesting you didn’t KNOW what was going on, when in fact you didn’t CARE (or care to know) what was going on, and still don’t except inasmuch as it is costing you money.

A short, faux-sincere apology isn’t going to get it done — and I imagine won’t do much to help you in any number of lawsuits you are facing or will face.

I’ve never used Uber (though I’ve used ride-sharing and will continue to do so) and I never will.

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