Fuck You, I’d Spit In Your Cupcakes.
Asher Wolf

This attitude toward women in the home, women with kids, etc. is awful. It is even worse that feminists are split over it. I’m a married woman, no kids, not going to have kids, so I’ve sidestepped the mommy wars. At work I am supportive of parents — I’ll teach early or do stuff later since they have school parameters to work around. But the academic circle is slightly better than some circles — though the leave plan at my school isn’t good at all.

I learned to bake from my grandmother — a stay at home grandma by the time I was born. Baking with her was awesome. I learned so much! Now when I make her recipes, I think of her, and we’re still connected. She took care of me a lot — she was part of my parents’ support system: when they couldn’t pick me up from school she would (or my mom’s folks, but I liked my dad’s mom best). I don’t think a single day she baked and cooked was wasted. (Except possibly on ungrateful family who should have been more impressed!)

Baking is both an amazing skill and, often, an act of love. It is work — real work. I’m very different than stay-at-home moms (moms in general) in my life, but not better. Just different.

You’re awesome. Please don’t spit in my cupcakes. :D

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