The Art of Departure
kestrin pantera: KP2

This was amazing.

I understand people’s fears of, essentially, murder occurring — being forced to die b/c of lack of resources. It’s not an inappropriate concern. But how about we fix the medical system so the situation — a lack of resources — doesn’t arise, rather than denying people comfort?

I admit, as my father gets older, the one fear I have about him is that he’ll commit suicide. He has been very clear that he doesn’t want to live if he is strapped to machines, is immobile, has a hang nail. Okay, so that last bit is a bad joke. But I do wonder where his line would be. I get the DNR, and I support him in it. I am afraid that one day, he’s going to decide he’s done and kill himself. Not this, not what Betsy did. Without warning or explanation just be gone. I get that death could do that to him w/o his help, but I get angry at the thought of him not at least giving me a chance to say goodbye, etc.

That’s a long and rambling way to get to the fact that I support these laws. If my dad knows he can do this, he doesn’t have to sneak around and not tell anyone, risk a painful or botched suicide, etc.

Betsy’s story — and your story — are so moving. I really appreciate you sharing it with everyone.