Can I just say, as a man who’s chosen to not have kids, at least 95% of this applies to men too!
Russell Deeks

You’re right. And, for the most part, child-free women aren’t immediately suspected of being a predator. A non-father who likes kids, esp. little kids, is automatically suspect in a really ugly way. It directly contributes to the lack of men in positions of child ed, like pre-and elementary school teachers. Kids could use good men around starting at age 0, and suspecting child-free men of being automatically scary is really hurting society. (And it hurts a bunch of good men, too).

I think the blowback if you’re a woman can be more harsh (men aren’t generally accused of being not-men if they don’t have kids, or of being monstrous men, while men often get the ‘you’re not a real woman…’ or a wrong — monstrous — woman). But both negative reactions are really rough on those who have to deal with them.

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