Week 6 Reflective Task

Professional Experience

On my first day-a-week Professional Experience, I noticed that the students had assigned tables and seats, there were four groups of tables together putting the children in four groups. The students that were on each table worked really well together, I think the teacher put the students in these formations in mathematics to ensure that all students are working well and are engaged when learning about mathematics.

Throughout the day I did not see much mathematics as it was Grandparents day so they did not have a normal lesson planned. I did mark there mathematics homework however, i was marking their addition and subtraction and most of the students were getting everything right. Towards the end of the day, the teacher let them have free time where they were able to play games. Here the students played ‘Uno’ where i heard number being yelled out. Other students were playing a board game and i heard them count the spaces they were moving. This seemed like play time to the students but in fact it was helping them improve their mathematics.


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