8 Brands With Consistently Great Instagram Content

I admittedly consume enough Instagram to make me hate that new iPhone screen time tracker. But somehow, scrolling through my feed of traveling friends and off-duty comedians doesn’t usually count as “doing research” when it comes time to be productive on behalf of a client project. Weird.

When I’m actually brainstorming, I like to get inspired by brands’ consistency factor — consistent message, voice, associations, look, feel, timing, whatever elements are tying it all together. It’s simple, but I really think it’s what divides the Good Instagrams (Goodstagrams) from the Bad Instagrams (Badstagrams).

To get a sense of what consistent/consistently good content is like while brainstorming for a client, I refer to this living (i.e. will be edited) compilation of brand content, campaigns, and individuals for my own inspiration. Hopefully this list of Goodstagrams sparks something for you too.

Old Spice

To me, the king of big-budget Instagram is Old Spice. I truly love their micro-campaigns for products that I don’t even use. They partner with various culture makers for interview-style posts and are funny without repurposing memes from the 48 hour social circuit. And though they could capitalize on star power from widely recognizable spokespeople, the way they explore other angles of the same outlandish type of humor is unbeatable.


If we’re talking about “storytelling” we should be talking about Atlanta’s fresh as heck culture channel Butter. By using the Instagram feed as a canvas for in-depth interviews, reporting, and graphics, Butter gives us more story to click on in the best way possible. Popular Atlanta topics are aggregated in the highlights bar for a truly unique (and beautifully designed) media-journalism hybrid experience.


Big Beauty’s cool little sister has linked celebs and commoners (like myself) to their products through the ultimate It Girl Instagram presence. Between a feed of brilliant PR moves (like aforementioned celebs glowing from their products on the red carpet), user-generated content (selfies), and aesthetically pleasing places (their showrooms), Glossier’s Instagram is a beautifully curated nest for their brand ambassadors and products.

Land Rover

Hardly an Instagram brainstorm goes by without someone on my team bringing up Land Rover’s Adventuregram campaign from 2015. It’s an immersive brand experience that takes you through various “adventures” based on which tag you tap. And since all choose-your-own-adventures make me want to go back and try at least 3 path variations, time spent interacting with the brand flies by.


Hinge rushed onto the dating app scene with a new approach: connect people to each other through shared human truths. On Instagram, this translates to tongue-in-cheek snips of modern dating. Though their images are a bit stock-y, their insights are spot on. The highlights space buckets out reoccurring story features and user-generated content that honestly captures the role of Instagram itself in millennial romance.


When it comes to user-generated outdoor content, two players stand out: Patagonia and REI. But REI stole the show with #OptOutside in November of 2015. And since that campaign obviously had legs beyond a holiday PSA, I’m pleased to see that their Instagram feed continues to be home to the inspirational and aspirational outdoors life.


I like how Oreo has broken the mold of traditional Food/Snackstagram by using mostly illustrated content instead of photos. It’s a playful Instagram presence and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which fits the brand. The videos are usually short and sweet because they probably know you know what an Oreo looks like and only need to be reminded that there’s an Oreo for everything.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim’s content can be weird, but it coincides perfectly with the network’s shows. The folks behind this Instagram have taken that deadpan sense of humor and run with it. With this meme-like content, they’ve created a very engagement-friendly community with only the occasional show clip.

If you’ve stumbled across campaigns or brand accounts that make you say something like “oh, thats good,” give it a shoutout. And Nike doesn’t count because that’s just a whole other level I’m not gonna touch.