Kubo and the Scene That Pulls on Your Heartstrings

One of the best scenes in the mythic quest, Kubo and the Two Strings, is the sunset meal on the ship. Kubo, Monkey, and Beetle all use their individual skills to work together to create a meal, poking fun at each other along the way. This is a critical scene in the film, because the audience can begin to see the connections between the three characters.

The characters teach each other. First, Beetle teaches Kubo to use a bow, then Monkey teaches them to catch the fish. The teaching of skills is something we often see amongst family members. Just as Kubo’s mother taught Kubo the art of story telling, Beetle and Monkey take care to teach him skills as well. This suggests that there is a deeper bond between the characters than what has previously been understood.

The mise-en-scène during this part of the film creates a happy and peaceful tone. The lighting is soft and warm, the sky beautiful pinks and oranges. The setting looks serene. There is not much on the ship besides the three characters (and the tiny, paper Hanzo), but the characters are in close proximity to each other throughout the scene, despite the fact that they are on a large ship. They share laughs together and make fun of each other in the most light-hearted way.

When they finally begin eating the fish that they’ve caught, Kubo sits between Beetle and Monkey. Kubo and Beetle are revealed to have similar manners as they eat quickly and get fish all over themselves. This scene is not only a relief from the chaotic and dismal scenes before it (and after it), but it foreshadows the relationship between Kubo, Monkey, and Beetle. Until this moment, Kubo has never had a meal sitting between two people, and he is unknowingly sitting between his mother and father.

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