How to make a great date with new users.

Fishing theory : Finally, new users notice your website or application. It’s pretty easy to get lots of registers on your site, just show the sign up button on the page, then people will come gradually. However, how many people just create an account and never come back again?

Compelling title and photo > show benefits > fall in love with your product

The reason is they don’t really know what they need before sign up! Thus, Onboarding is crucial to help new users to realize their goals. In this article, I’d like to point out what guest cares about and how to ensure new users become dedicated users.

The homepage of Airbnb

1) Landing page: Show result

How do you make your users like you as soon as possible? Don’t emphasize your features at first, people just want to know how they can be better. Take Airbnb for example, when you see their landing page for the first time, you can imagine the result is you will be a traveler.

Define your real value. A customer wants to understand what a product is all about before using it, which means you need to choose a unique value proposition. It should be simple and clear to remember. For example:

· NIKE-Just do it

· Slack- Be less busy

· Uber -Get there, your day belongs to you

Also, using simple and clear illustrations to appeal to visitors, then tell them what they will change after using the product. Because visualization goes to the user’s eyes, and benefits go to a user’s heart. That’s how to impress them.

Evernote onboarding illustrations

2) Before sign up: Let Users Try

People are naturally curious and would love to explore more when experiencing new things.

Just like everyone has different feelings for various languages. You will know the beauty of the language once you enjoy the sound.

Desire comes after like.

So you begin to study the language. But if your introduction to the new language is a thick book telling you how to pronounce correctly, how to write perfectly, how to memorize quickly, I bet you just want to run away.

After searching something on Airbnb, the result always makes users think WOW. Because they give them a chance to dream their travel plan before registration, and it will also increase the chance that guest becomes a repeat user.

Taking the first step and getting your feet wet is much better than understanding the whole process

3) After sign up: Interact with the user

Create hints to keep the user moving in the next process. But don’t explain everything at once. Give instructions step-by-step to prompt your users, drive them to fully complete the task and understand the features or functions it would be better for the user to digest.

At the beginning of the month, if I see 10 dollars on the street and I still have an abundance of money, I won’t bend over to pick it up. However, if someone gives me 10 dollars when I have a financial problem in the end of the month, I must show my double appreciation, and manage the money wisely.

Therefore, the tutorials or helping icons should exist somewhere on the page. Like a shoe salesman, don’t bother customers when they’re choosing shoes, but stand beside and wait for clients silently until they ask a favor.

The first time experience has a great effect on whether or not the user will make a second date with you. Consider what new users really care about and help them to reach their goals. Then, they will be addicted to your website or application.

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