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The Road Home

In such a hustle and bustle city, people can hardly stop their paces. How do you feel when you are on your way home?

When I was living in the busy city of Taipei, I was always feeling fairly busy on my way home. I would often bolt out of the classroom once I heard the bell ring, because I was thinking what assignments do I have to turn in tomorrow? Should I stay late tonight? Then I would be back home as soon as possible. These are some stressful things that would happen:

Try my best to get home soon, but forget to bring my keys unfortunately.
See the train is coming when I am on the escalators. Therefore, I run into the train before the last second, because I didn’t want to wait for the next train. Then, I realize I have taken the wrong train again.
I usually glance quickly to see if there are any empty seats after I get on the bus. I could go into a deep sleep right away after I get a seat. Then maybe I pass by the stop.

“Haste makes waste”, these typical tragedies happened to me quite often.

My first impression of Vancouver is it’s a totally different vibe from Taiwan, pretty laid back for me.

I’ve heard that Vancouver is the first or second most liveable city in the world. I can see that this is really true after coming here and seeing it with my own eyes. But I would say the best parts of Vancouver are North and West Vancouver! West Vancouver has the most beautiful sea bay and huge grass. North Vancouver has natural forest filled with plant life. They’re more chill and more relaxed.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to live in North Vancouver and study in West Vancouver. And it’s very easy to get to downtown in 30 minutes, but I haven’t been there to be honest, It’s already the third week, too.

Mostly, I go home after the office as well. But I don’t rush any more. I decided to slow down my pace and enjoy life. Maybe the reason is I am only staying here for a couple of weeks, therefore, I want to cherish every awesome moment forever.

On my way home

On my way home, the bus goes from west Vancouver along the Marine Drive to Capilano Bridge. I love looking out of the window and seeing the very beautiful scenery. Also, I can see the seawall behind the park. There are a variety of colors, planets and houses that decorate this city. Next, I start walking from Pasiley road to our home which is in a peaceful forest. Numerous meters high trees make up the forest and clouds surround the mountains. I feel a lot fresher down there and hear the bird’s sound clearly as well. It’s the greatest decision to check out the wild places after studying all day in the office. Yup, this is my daily short trip.

My daily trip in Vancouver

I didn’t like waiting before, but I enjoy waiting now. I do meditate a lot while I’m waiting for something. For me, the most memorable thing is that every day is such a new memory, such a new experience for me.

By the way, I sometimes exhaust all my energy after the office, and I still have to climb many stairs to go home. I imagine there is an escalator in the mountains, then I can enjoy nature and convenience at the same time. But I know the truth is I can’t have my cake and eat it of course.

My ideal daydream
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