DiBenedetto: No One Can Pronounce My Name

  1. Virginia, 2000. I was born to an art teacher and a technical writer. My parents took me home to Illinois and taught me how to walk, talk, and later, read. Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings shaped my childhood. Elves, magic, and shiny swords ruled my imagination. Eventually, music entered my life like a punch to the face. Guitars, dark denim, makeup, and screaming vocals helped me through tough times and made me some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Along the way, choir, cheerleading, and track shaped me into the driven person I am today.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcYIWS2wAj7WD5xM8ekj2E0ZRnwc6ycOp This is my favorite album, Pretty. Odd. It’s by Panic! at the Disco and it means so much to me. It’s aesthetic is so calming and funny, with flowers, and lyrics that…don’t really make any sense (unless you’re ridiculously analytical). It’s a bit Beatles-esque and has some of the best riffs and lyrics anyone could ask for. I could listen to it over and over (and I do!) I got to see them live when I was in 7th grade and it was a dream come true, though it wasn’t the original lineup (the best lineup, don’t let anyone tell you differently), they placated some songs from this album and I’ll be honest, I shed a tear.
  3. I was at the football game
  4. Jack White- Jack inspires me because he’s just so…weird. He’s not afraid to be weird and he’s one of the best musicians I’ve listened to. He’s done sooo many projects and my favorite band was the Raconteurs. They were so interesting and different. Everything he’s done has been so musically different and complex.

Oliver Peck- Ollie! This guy is so cool. He’s known for his American Traditional tattoos, which are my favorite style. It’s a big aspiration of mine to get a Peck tattoo. He’s also a judge on Ink Master, and he’s so tough. I love how he’s a “take no crap” kind of guy. He’s just an awesome guy and I want to be as tough as him.

Johnny Knoxville- An odd choice, I know, but he’s just. So. Funny. I love how he just doesn’t care at all and just takes life by the horns and has fun with it. Watching his movies and how he just has some dumb fun with his friends reminds me to take a chill pill and just enjoy myself. Though its for dumb reasons, he is so brave. Also, he makes me feel less alone in being such an attention hog.

5. I’m very interested in tattoos because I just think they’re such a refined and beautiful art. It’s so hard to get good and and almost impossible to be great at. I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo of an American traditional style classic, a clipper ship. To me, they represent strength and new beginnings.

6. I chose education first, because in America, education is a huge deal. Our grading scale is so different than the rest of the world and it makes it harder to get A’s so kids are trying way harder than many other places. Second, I chose media. We, as young people are so influenced by media. This is worldwide, but I feel like especially in America because we are such a media giant. We absorb political views, social constructs, and even just general trivia (if you’re a Jeopardy junkie like me) and we are so accustomed to just Googling something when we need answers. Lastly, I choose sports. Here in America, baseball is considered our “pastime”. However, here in the USA, we have every sport imaginable to man. Basketball, football, soccer, rugby, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, cheerleading, track and field, running, golf, tennis, and even Quidditch, we are a pretty sport-obsessed country. What with dominating the Olympics, oodles of fantasy teams, video games, and merchandise, we are a bit insane when it comes to sports.

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