Poor Interface: Outlet

One of the outlets in the Mosaic + room is a poor interface. When we think of outlets, we usually picture their location to be close to the floor, in reachable locations to charge our various devices. However, this outlet is located in the very center of the wall. Roughly 5–6 feet above the floor, this outlet is extremely hard to reach and thus often goes unused. Even if I were able to reach this outlet, many of the cords I utilize to charge my devices are to short in length to be convenient to use this outlet. For instance, if I were to charge my iPhone using the outlet, my phone would dangle off the wall, unable to lay on anything due to the placement of the outlet. I think a better interface design would be to lower the outlet’s location to roughly one foot above the wall to make it more accessible to individuals in the room.

Though I see many interface design problems, I believe the outlet was designed there for some sort of projector or television. Right next to the outlet is a hole where various wires stick out of it. Perhaps a projector was meant to be placed there, which would explain why the designers felt it necessary to put the outlet in the center of the wall. In this perspective, the outlet would have had good interface design.

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