“I’m Trying to Dismantle the Patriarchy” Starter Pack

Visually demonstrating the absurdity of certain patriarchal beliefs and notions in order to subvert them.


“Swipe Left”

Individuals should not be reduced to items on a “sexual bucket list.” Women of color, women who identify as trans-gender or non-binary, or women who identify as bisexual, are fetishized regularly on dating apps. Certain traits are projected onto these women and they are reduced to objects. The messages portrayed above are not complements (contrary to the belief of the sender), but strip the recipient of their agency.

Double Standards

“Hey Misogyny- How Did You Get in Here?!”

While men can just think unapologetically about 🍆🍑💦, women’s sexuality continues to be policed by society. Notions that women should wait to have sex with men they like, or whether they should make a man “work for it” suggest that sex is enjoyable and benefits only men and it is something to be earned by men. According to this logic, women should deny themselves of their sexuality. Perpetuating this double standard, which is often done by women to other women, “[chips] away at the entire equality and autonomy of all women.”

Women at Work

“~Scientifically~ Proven”

The gender pay gap is still prevalent in Canada — on average, a woman makes only 74% of what a man does in the same role. This inequality is evidently unjust, and rooted in outdated archaic gender roles that women are not meant in the workplace as they belong in the kitchen or should devote their lives to being homemakers. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with being a homemaker. However, imposing this role on to women by systemic inequality (i.e., the pay gap, the unavailability of upper management positions to women) perpetuates that women’s roles are not in the workplace. It is not in the DNA of a woman that she knows how to cook, clean, or take care of a home. These beliefs are social constructs and account for why there is still such vampant inqueality in the workplace.

Rape Culture

“Asking for It”

A woman’s body — no matter how appealing it may be — is not an invitation to touch.

Clothing Choices

“Clothing Choices”

Projecting traits onto women by their clothing choices is illogical. To tell a woman who dons a headscarf (Islam) or a wig (Orthodox Judaisim) that she is oppressed by her religion for this choice is just as oppressive as telling her to stop wearing it.

Additionally, assuming that women who dress “provocatively” have certain personality traits and engage in certain behaviours is also absurd. Dressing sexily empowers some women, whereas dressing modestly empowers others. Regardless, this choice has nothing to do with respectability.