I close my eyes.

I can hear it.

“Beeee bee be-be beeee, be-be beee be-be beeee be-be beee bee bee beeee bee be-be beeee”

I can see it.

Nine figures walking over the crest of a hill, between two rocks.

And I can feel it.

Courage, fear, love, friendship, loyalty.

“The Lord of the Rings” holds a special place in my heart, especially around the holidays. Its story has been a huge part of my family my whole life: I don’t even remember a time when I didn’t know the story of Frodo and the Ring. My parents read “The…

It took me a long time to get into “Mansfield Park”. Like, a really long time. As such, it took an even longer time to finish. But I was determined. I needed to read it: A good friend had seen it on my bookshelf and asked me my opinion, but I had to say that, despite owing it, I had never read it. Shame on me. But man, it was hard. I didn’t really enjoy the first third of the book, and it was very tempting to put it down and chalk it up to a good effort.

I’m so…

Airport Romance

It was the perfect meet-cute. Two single people, traveling alone. They strike up a conversation while waiting for an early-morning flight. They hit it off, and enjoy their waiting time more than either could’ve imagined, especially at 7 a.m. They smile, laugh and share a little bit about each other. And as boarding starts, he hands her his card. She smiles and puts it in her bag. And when they deplane at their destination, she gives him a small wave goodbye. Both hope to see each other again.

Storybook material, right? Well, that more or less actually happened…

I’m 100 percent sure that smile is genuine … /s (Thinkstock photo)

Financial well-being (aka NOT living paycheck to paycheck) is one of the most important things a young person can achieve. It lets you take control of your life. Your best friend asked you to be in her out-of-state wedding? No problem! Your friends want to go out? No problem. You got in a fender-bender? Bummer, but no problem. And let me tell you: it definitely feels like successful adulting when you can write a rent check without anxiety.

Plus, nothing is quite as satisfying as being able to pay off — in full — a student loan, AND still be…

I am comfortable in silence
For it is
awkward, tender, simple
And Peaceful

I am comfortable in silence.
For it lets me
think, create, imagine
And Hope

I am comfortable in silence
For it is not
lonely, paralyzing, scary
But lively

For it is occasionally sad.

I am comfortable in silence.
For at its

It is still full of life

Reminding me to live.

Emily Wynn

Creighton University journalism alumna. Loves smiling, laughing, craft beer, #MTG and good coffee. Writes when she can.

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