The “network”/connectivity of our own life

Movies, and books and all those story telling mediums tell nice stories that bring dots together bring it all nicely together with a resolution and all the seemingly random dots matter and have a goal. We all know life isn’t that way.

At work, we had a presentation about Facebook, and the power of networking and harnessing the power of networking. That’s all known, nothing new here.

I think this applies to the “life” graph as you will. Events, people you meet, and all in between are dots, and I hope that it somehow all connects into a line that tells some story — and in some cases you don’t see it connect until way later.

But I was thinking about this as I was sitting on Saturday, and talking to new people, which is a dot; quite random, but got me on that balcony, talking to new people and “expanding” my network, and when we meet new people, we bring not only ourselves, but our history with it. .

What was the purpose of me sitting at 11:30 PM on a Saturday discussing random things from Biology , to the Merywhether fight? Will it all connect somehow or it’s just a blip, just a random dot of some event?

Some random events though brought me friends that have lasted(Lines that connect); others have memories I tuck in the back of my mind(Personal growth that perhaps cant be traced neatly until later.), and new perspectives. Some are expanding horizons through traveling, and other adventures. (Other types of connected lines)

Some dots connect easily and then have neat lines. Others dont. The dont all fall into the three most important categories at the same time. Is it a step forward or backwards that one area connects with a straight line, while another seems to be random dots all over the place?

This thought and idea still fleshes out — but I do know the steps I want to take to bring more connectivity in those areas — but want, self discipline, is very different from do and consistency. And will that ensure somehow completely connectivity in all areas of life? I probably got to try somehow.

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