Delivering Happiness: Zappos

Most of the remaining part of the book talk about Tony’s experience as the CEO of Zappos a struggling internet Retail company, that shows good potential and most of the remaining part of the book is education process for the reader. The different sections of the book are lessons and personal experience bundled together, though Tony’s own struggles during that time. 
The biggest takeaway that I got from this section is the emphasis that Tony has on the ideas of creating an environment that not only accommodates to the customer, but to the employees as well. This feature in Tony’s management style is extracted from his past experiences and dealing with the difficulties that he now faces with the company. The core values are a good idea that I think many organizations should take into account creating a fundamental identity for a larger organization; the closest example I can think of is like in a school, despite the differing of opinions of differences and conflict within the school the school can come together during sports meets and other events and be represented by a core identity, and united to achieve a goal. This simple idea is without a doubt on of the reasons that Zappos could achieve its excellence.

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