A TEAM Helps Your Online Business

When you start out online building a website business, the fun can quickly dissolve and be filled with a lonely situation with no one to support or answer your questions.

This is why its super important from the outset to build a TEAM around you to fill that gap.

A support team can all do different roles but are important to allow you to focus on growing the business and use their expertise to review your work, someone to hold you to account and to provide feedback on your progress.

Who do you include in the team?

Well, this can be anyone who is potentially useful to you and/or your business. I will outline a few below to get your mind going but it may be best for you to brainstorm a team that suits you and your situation.

Partner — someone who you can bounce ideas off and provide emotional support. They are likely to be financially connected to the business so will have a vested interest in wanting it to succeed even if they’re not working day-today in the business. They are likely to give you a blunter feedback than the rest of the team so that’s a key part.

Mentor or Coach — someone who can professionally keep you on track and accountable via goal setting. They could be in a paid role or a volunteer role. The key here is to select one who can add their experience to your business, so look for similarities in their experience, with your business, when selecting a mentor or coach. Check out this article for various ways to find a free mentor or business coach: Find a Coach.

Accountant — this person is there to keep your financials in good order and legal with the IRS. They can provide you with advice around money and will be the cornerstone team member when you approach the time to exit your business.

Lawyer — they help to keep you compliant and support you when any legal issues arrive. They can ensure you have the right contracts, trademarks, patents in place; all of which is to protect your business.

Pets — Yes I know this is a bit strange, but pets can be great team members. They give emotional support, are a great time out. Don’t forget to include your forever friend in your team; a member who won’t judge you!

Likeminded Entrepreneurs — use Facebook, and other social media to find groups of online entrepreneurs who you can connect with to bounce ideas off. you will find many in the same boat as you and suffering the same issues, so it can be a reassuring tool in your team set up. A lot of the time they will have discussion around the problem and provide answers which will help you overcome your current obstacle and be able to move on in your journey.

Freelancers — if using freelancers on an ongoing basis then look to include them in your team. By including them, you will find the working relationship with them is good and you are likely to see better results from their work because they will feel more included in the process.

Once you have your team list together, it is important to discuss with each one the frequency of communications so it suits both parties. Discuss the preferred method of meeting (Zoom call, face to face meeting etc). Be sure to define between each one what their role is in your team and what its not so you have clear boundaries for them to work within. Talk about your business goals and aspirations so everyone gets on board with your plan. Doing all of this at the beginning will help to get your team set up and working well.

Then — set calendar reminders to remember to organise meetings as required (very important for business coaches) because when you get busy its too easy to let meeting slide and this will affect the success your team can have on your business.

Remember, if your team isn't working out then don’t be afraid to confront the issue and change the team if necessary.

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