Doing The Grind — Your Way

We often hear about how online business development is a real grind. Lots of long days grinding away to make a success of your business. Now, I’m not saying that its not hard and doesn't take work, because it does. But you have options to manage this process.

Firstly, working from home doesn’t mean working 24/7. Treat it like a normal job and set up a schedule to ensure you have a good work/life balance. That means working 8hrs per day, not 16!

Take weekends off. You need to ensure that you get some ‘switch off’ time and also are able to spend time with family, friends and continue to enjoy sports or hobbies. This weekend time is the recharge time where your brain takes time away from thinking about work and it also means that it’ll be more switched on come Monday morning.

Work when you want. Take advantage of the fact that you are now your own boss and make the most of the flexibility that working for yourself provides. If you are a morning person then start work early and finish mid-afternoon. If you are a night owl then take the morning off work and shift the work day into the evening hours.

Break work into grindable chunks. Set up a task and go heavy on it, then take time off/away from it. Manage difficult tasks for the time of day that you are the freshest to maximise the concentration available.

Exercise and diet are key. Your body its the vehicle to success. If you don’t eat well and don’t exercise then your body will suffer and then so will your business. Each protein rich foods, drink plenty of water and plan 30mins of exercise each day to keep on top of it. Consistency is key in this area.

Set goals. Organise your tasks and goals into monthly or weekly slots and reverse engineer the week to ensure you can chunk down the goals into bite sized tasks.

Outsource. If you can afford to financially, outsourcing tasks to freelancers can ensure you can keep on track and speed up your progress. This can be costly and will need monitoring to ensure the freelancers are performing.

Partner up. Consider getting a partner on board to halve the workload. Try to find someone with a skill set that works with yours so adds value to the business by offering different skills. Remember that whilst they share the expenses, they also share the profits so you need to take this financial change into account.

Stay motivated. Ensure to set up a good network to stay motivated. Join social media groups, get a business mentor, read business books, keep connected with friends. Having a good team around you ensures that you stay motivated and have a sound bouncing board to run ideas through.

Conclusion — starting an online business is a hard grind but you have options to manipulate the grind to suit your way of working, your lifestyle and your business goals. Sit down, plan out how you want to work and stick to that plan. If it’s not working then adjust it until it does, because every one of us works differently.

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