Killer Tips on Setting Up Your Home Office Like A Boss!

In this article I'll discuss the components of a well set up home office to maximise your business time without interruptions and as a nice place to be productive and creative in. Remember; you will be spending a lot of time in this room, so make it a great place to be.

I say the room because ideally you will have a separate room you can set aside for the workplace; somewhere where you can shut yourself away and focus when you need to. This could be a spare bedroom or at worst the corner of a room use for other things like living room.

Ideally it should have windows so you can see the world outside but at the very least some good natural light.

Hang creatives, get good lighting and ensure it has heating or cooling depending on location and season. Plants and greenery in pots is a great idea to soften the space and bring in some natural aesthetic into the space. Choose colors which are easy on the eye, rather than heavily contrasting, because your brain needs to be nurtured, survive and thrive in this space.

It is key to get a good work desk. It needs to have ample space for everything as well as be sturdy and have a long lasting surface. You may consider buying a standing desk to avoid too much sitting time. An option here is to buy a electronic lifter desk which electrically moves up and down from sitting position to standing position to give you both options.

Be sure to buy a good chair that has multiple adjustments because we are all different sizes, so you need to be able to adapt it to fit you. Given you’re going to be using it a lot, be sure to buy a good quality chair that has ample support. Take note of the ‘sitting time’ listed in the chair specifications and choose one with a long sitting time as these are best for offices.

You want a computer with enough speed and performance to do multiple tasks so you’re never losing time waiting for it to keep up. If choosing a laptop, be sure to get an additional screen for better viewing real estate. You should have a two screen set up so you can better multi task with multiple documents or browsers open at any one time.

Choose a wireless keyboard and mouse for flexibility; no wires to restrain you. Set up a decent audio system for podcasting, listening to music, zoom meetings etc. Make sure to use a good microphone and stand alone webcam for best results. This is especially important if you are doing online coaching calls or social media production in your business. Have a good WIFI set up with fast internet to keep things connected, fast and wireless for ultimate productivity and flexibility.

Stock your home office with stationary you need, a note pad, weekly organizer etc Get everything at the start so you are all good to work from day one without needing to rush out to buy a stapler or calculator.

Keep books and resources well organised in shelving and files so that you can easily find resources and notes. I always have a note pad for scribbling ideas on my desk. Use a weekly planner pinned up on the wall so its visible and front of mind. Write up goals and aspirations and pin them to a pin board; review them often and question where you’re at on your journey to achieving them. A white board on the wall is another great tool for visual brainstorming and working up ideas. Remember to take a photo of the board before you wipe it clean so you have a record of those ideas.

There are many steps and details to go through to set up a good home work space, so don’t be daunted by this, but make a list and work through it as you go as not all things need to be done at once.

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