Reverse Engineer that Business

What is it to reverse engineer something? Well, when we know the end result of a process and know its successful then we can assume that the journey to get that result was a sound method and one that can be duplicated.

So, by starting at the end and working back to the start of any successful process should give us a roadmap to the success. We need to identify each critical step in the process and determine what made it in itself successful to ensure that the full process it well defined and able to be re-applied in your own situation.

How does this apply to online businesses? Well, its a very relevant method for online because a lot of the methods used on the web are tech and step driven rather than people/emotion driven. So the steps are clearer and easier to replicate.

Disclaimer time — just because you can reverse engineer something doesn't mean that it’ll be suitable for your business so you need to assess this throughout the process and question if its working and suitable.

So, how can we use this method as an example? Take a Facebook advert for a pair of shoes, when you click the ad, you get taken through a series of sales pages, probably with an upsell and finally to the cart to check out. Now, say we know that this shoe seller is doing many sales with this method, then we can apply the reverse engineering to it. We can start at the cart and work back through each step, making note of what the seller is saying and showing on each page as these components are the things that are together creating the successful sales funnel. Obviously, you can’t always go back through these steps so it’s important to screenshot the process from start to end and then you have all the steps.

Disclaimer time again — I am not suggesting you plagiarise someone else's work to use exactly for your benefit. You product offering will be different so your sales copy etc will also be different. You are simply using the sellers sales funnel as a structure to build out your sales funnel/process from.

There are many other ways to use reverse engineering in your business. This article is just to explain the process and so you may wish to look for opportunities in your business where the method can be used.

Why do we reverse engineer things? Because if the method and steps are already proven then its a more predictable and controlled way of doing things compared to starting at the beginning and hoping you have the process correct to achieve your end goal.

A really neat way to use reverse engineering in a bold fashion, is to apply it to your entire business goal/strategy. So, set your overall business goal with financial result, timeframe etc etc and then set about to reverse engineer it by breaking down the goal into chunks or mini-goals and set timeframes to these working back from your end date to now. You will then have a roadmap for the success of your goal and business.

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