Two Weeks Notice Is for Sandwich Artists
Mike Monteiro

I completely agree with everything you say here — I’d love to work for bosses that think like you!

My last job was in the medical field and I gave 1-month notice. This was plenty of time for me to tie up loose ends, tell patients that I was leaving, and train my replacement properly and thoroughly — I was the only person there who did my very specific and highly technical job.

It really depends on the work culture — there are other doctors I’ve worked for who had no respect for me, so there was really no way for me to give notice. I even told one office that I was looking for new opportunities in X, and I got nothing but horrible attitude from the manager and eventually laid-off. I would have given a decent amount of notice, but their preemptive strike to try to back me into a corner forced me out immediately. I think some managers are their own worst nightmares, while they try to blame the people who work with them, the truth is they simply don’t know how to handle people effectively.