Making the Decision to Move on to a New Career
Julissa Treviño

I’m 33 years old and beginning my 3rd career. I started in journalism after graduating with a journalism degree — yes, I actually worked for 4 years in the field of my degree directly after graduating during the recession!

Regardless of the not-great pay and layoffs, I realized I didn’t want to be a journalist. I love writing, I write every day, and I still identify part of myself as a journalist.

I went into the medical field. I began by working as an EMT, and then assisted head & neck surgeons in procedures that they didn’t need an RN for. I was really lucky and got in with a group of surgeons that was willing to train me and make me work hard.

I learned a lot in the medical field, and I worked for 7 years, and finally decided to call it quits. I could have become a doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant, but I realized I had a lot of moral problems with how the medical field is run in this country. I realized how entirely messed up our system is and that everyone on the inside is powerless to change it — so they complain. I’m not one to complain. When something is wrong, I either change it and learn from it, or remove myself from the situation. I did the latter.

Now, I’m becoming a software developer. I have a pretty solid set of skills already, but I decided to take a full-time bootcamp to learn more and to get my networking foot in the door and meet more people who were also passionate about tech and programming — and probably changing careers too!

I will have my first job as a developer before the end of this year, and I already feel really welcomed into that community and it’s the first time I feel like I fit-in somewhere, career-wise. But, I don’t think I’ll ever let go of the fact that yes, I am a journalist, and yes, I am a healthcare professional. Like old boyfriends, though, that feeling fades with time and I’m feeling more and more committed to my new path.

Good luck on yours!

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