Can You Solve Einstein’s Puzzle?
Brett Berry

My question is why is it said that only 2% of people can solve this puzzle?

I solved it without looking at the way you thought it thru in this article and I just happened to think it thru on paper in the same way.

Is it that most can’t solve it because they get stuck in the “fog” like you described in the beginning and just give up? Or is there some other reason for it?

If that’s the case, it’s more accurate to say 100% of people *can* solve this puzzle, but only 2% actually stick thru the fog to get it. But maybe I’m missing something.

In your opinion, do you think some “have brains” for this type of problem-solving, and some people’s brains work differently, or more efficiently in different ways?

Lots of questions, and I have no answers! I really love your math articles and puzzles, keep ’em coming!

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