A letter to my son.

You are amazing. Absolutely, positively, utterly amazing. Everything I look for in life I find inside of you. You are all of my answers and all of my motivation. You are what gives me life. I feel happy and proud to see you grow and sad to know you will one day grow up completely. How can I possibly give you all that you deserve, for you deserve more then you can even imagine. How can I give to you what you have given to me! I gave you life and you have given it right back to me! Your eyes are filled with creation, imagination, pure light! Innocence and mischief are mixing in such an outstanding way inside your mind. Intelligence spews from every part of you. Athletic and aware of your movements. Meant for greatness! I see the stars in your eyes and the love that is in your heart and it makes me a better woman. I see the world for what it is and I fear the sight of it affecting you. How do I keep you protected and invulnerable yet prepared for the horror of the world. My goal is to make sure you always remember who you are right now, always remember who I am, who your grandfather is, your uncle, remember everything as it is right now tonight. Never loose the memories or let anything misconstrue what you know to be true. Never let a mistake hold you back, never question who you are or what your capable of, always love yourself and others, see the good in yourself and in others. Self worth comes from inside of yourself, remember that. You possess everything inside yourself that you will ever need to achieve any goal. I am your mother and when I look at you I see absoluteness. You are the most valuable. Period. You matter.

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