I am not your Daughter.

Same eyes, same hair, same last name.
Yet, I am not your daughter.
Same DNA and blood in our veins.
Still, I am not your daughter
Apparently, I never was. 
But you are more to me then I could ever be to you.
Your my dreams,
My hopes,
My love,
My strength.
Your my savior.
Your my dad.
But I am not your daughter.
Am I at least a friend?
Will you leave me behind and end this story with me exactly where it all began?
Searching for the answers, for the purpose of my life.
As I look into the eyes of my own child I know you do not see me the same. 
You are my dad.
But I am not your daughter.
How long untill our friend ship ends? 
I love you more then you can ever know
And I painfully watch your unhappiness grow.

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