How to hire your ideal Content Marketing Manager

The first rule of content creation: Know your audience. So, as a recruiting-software software company that’s one of the Best Places to Work, I bet you have a good grasp of the recruiting tips and thought leadership content I would be writing about. So let’s explore how to hire your ideal Content Marketing Manager.

Even at an enlightened place like Greenhouse, interviews are fundamentally flawed. According to a comprehensive analysis of 32,000 job applicants over an 85 year period by Frank Schmidt and Jack Hunter, if you did standard interviews on 100 candidates, ranked them in order from best to worst, and then measured their actual performance in the job, you’d be lucky if you put more than eight in the right spot. To improve that 8% and avoid the slew of biases, highly structured, situational judgement questions are key. This means asking questions on specific scenarios someone would face in this role. So here goes, in true Greenhouse “Ask Me Anything” style.

1. What content are you most passionate about and how does that extend to the what you’ll create at Greenhouse?

While I’ve created social and digital content for brands like Coca-Cola, United Airlines and Land Rover, I’m most passionate about creating content that can change the world. In these divisive times, I made to help kids celebrate our differences. The site featured cute cards with messages of tolerance that kids could print out for free and give to their classmates for Valentine’s Day. It was featured in Huffington Post and by Ashton Kutcher and got 17,000 views in less than a week.

I’d love to continue connecting people at Greenhouse. I want to create content that helps transform the recruiting process into a positive experience for clients and candidates.

2. That’s great, but what do you have ideas for specific topics for Greenhouse?

Yes, I do. Here’s a sampling:

  • Article: Most candidates dread the interviewing process. Here’s how to make it more human.
  • Greenhouse OPEN Series: An interview with Malcolm Gladwell, who doesn’t meet the candidates for his own assistant to eliminate his personal biases
  • An appearance on the popular design podcast 99% Invisible to talk about what’s wrong with recruiting and how to fix it
  • Article: How to tailor your recruiting efforts by role
  • Article/series of Twitter posts: 5 tips to write more effective job descriptions

3. How will you adapt content across platforms?

Sometimes you just want to drive traffic back to the blog. I love to adapt different lead-in copy across LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. But unique content for specific platforms is also key. I’d love to extend Greenhouse OPEN Series to include innovative academics with groundbreaking studies on recruiting or from candidates themselves and extend to other cities.

Have more questions for me? I’d love to do this interview for real. Let’s talk!

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