Searching for your first Software Developer job can be an intimidating task. Here are some tips top help you get through it.

  1. Don’t get discouraged

Of course getting rejection after rejection from jobs you thought you had a chance at is discouraging. I know first hand how it feels to fail a coding challenge a job has given or to completely mis-word your responses and pitches during an interview. All I can say is: don’t get discouraged. Each failure is a way to get better at the interview and job search practice.

2. Realize that your job search could take…

You might have heard of React.js, a powerful JavaScript framework used to make various web applications. Some of the biggest websites and applications are made using React.js and you may not even realize it. Some of these web applications are— Instagram, Facebook, Kahn Academy, Codecademy and New York Times.

Many more applications are made with React, but those are a few you might know of or even used. You might be wondering — how do I get started? What should I learn first?

Well, in this article I will help you get started with your first React App. First, you’ll…

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The Fibonacci Technical Solution

Why is it important to practice technical problems in programming? Sure, some of these problems like Palindrome or Pig Latinizer are not necessary in your future job, right?


The logic that you use during such technical problems is the logic that your future company is looking for in their candidates. The company that is interviewing you wants to be able to see how you think and work through the problem, whether you are able to successfully solve it or not.

During my time at Flatiron School, we have done a lot of these types of technical problems, including communicating…

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Computer from Google

At my very first job interview with a software development company, they asked me many interview questions ranging from technical to personal — can you find this missing array element? Where do you plan to take your career with programming? Can you swap two variables without a third variable? and many other questions. But one question that I was asked stuck to me the most, probably because I didn’t know how to answer it right away:

What is the definition of “failing forward?”

Now I could come up with a simple definition on the spot — which is exactly what…

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Learning how to code doesn’t take only five minutes, it can actually take several years to do. While getting started with learning to code is very intimidating and difficult, many questions are raised. One of the greater ones being: Where do I begin?

How can you make programming fun and less intimidating to begin working with? One way I found useful was by beginning small and learning something that can be enjoyable for anybody. That thing for me was Python’s Turtle module. …

Have you gotten into the habit of writing code with comments? After hundreds or even thousands of lines of code, it gets tiring to comment everything you’re doing. However, if you haven’t gotten into the habit, you’d better start and here are some reasons why.

First reason: you’ll forget what you were doing in the middle of your task. Imagine you’re going to work on a new project, but you leave your code for a week to work on something else or to go on vacation. …

Emily Bolten

My name is Emily and I am a computer programmer. Here I will post some of the things I have learned throughout my time of programming!

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