Announcing the MAKE CHANGE Workshop Series: An experiment in activism

We borrowed inspiration from our smartest and most inspiring friends* and have launched our first set of experiments that we’ve named the MAKE CHANGE Workshop Series.

We expect making change to look and feel and be as diverse and unique as we are and we are celebrating the grand divergence, the experiments of all shapes and sizes — and want to nurture every nugget of generative progress as we go.

These MAKE CHANGE Workshop experiments will go something like this. 1. We identify needs among our community. 2. We design a workshop experience* to unpack, address and activate those need spaces. 3. We pilot the first workshop. 4. We make some tweaks and edits from what we’ve learned and finally 5. We share the tools to be shared and spread far and wide.

All workshops will center around 5 design principles:

  1. Human-centered values
  2. Collaboration across boundaries
  3. Bias toward action
  4. Rapid prototyping
  5. Experiments with potential solutions

We launched our first prototype just last week in NE Minneapolis and can’t wait to share more so you can use the tools to share, spread and MAKE CHANGE in your community. Coming soon!

  • workshop experience: Simply an experience (think “structured meeting meets fun”) for people to engage in active activities and discussions with an eye on building momentum and progress toward meaningful impact.

*Carissa Carter, Anna Pasic, Katie Deutsch, Anna Love-Mickelson and more!

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