Go on with your badass self [love].

This week has been hard. It feels as though being aware, engaged, educated, inspired and inspiring, thoughtful and connected, standing for myself alongside others and also standing for others is system overload. The enormity of the opportunity and responsibility to make change feels like another layer that my life, until now, has yet to make room for. This week has been like a run-on sentence, where all of the thoughts and feelings needed to first blurt and surface and erupt — to later be attended to, cared for, made sense of and arranged with some semblance of order.

I’ve been quiet and focusing on my own basic needs. Needs like caring for my body with movement, nourishment and rest, caring for my mind with solitude, reflection and disconnection and caring for my heart with self love in quiet moments and connections with you, the inspirational and strong and driven and convicted women i feel so fucking grateful to be surrounded by.

Through these conversations we’ve talked about the dichotomy and tension and overwhelming nature of all of these emotions on FULL BLAST that we need to process, feel, make sense of and also release when ready. We’ve talked about the challenge of being driven to lead change in our own lives, with our own daughters and sons, with our own communities and networks — somehow contrasted by the challenge of needing to care for ourselves all the while. I have felt guilty, self-indulgent, reclusive, but more than that I have felt the need to be honest and true to my own needs first*.

Together, we are beautiful in our diversity of race, religion, sexuality, gender, career, passion, life choices, aspirations, beliefs. Let us, together, honor and celebrate the paths of one another while also demanding that we — and reminding one another to — find time to care for ourselves. Before assisting others.

Because, to go on with your bad(ass)self requires some serious self love.

  • I feel compelled to include some footnote/declaration/confession about how I, a single (corporate professional/home owner/dog owner/friend lover) woman without children, also needs self care. I have carried guilt for that, knowing that many of you steal micro moments for yourself by closing the bathroom door or by sitting in your car for an extra minute on that errand you managed to run without your kiddos or your partner. But that’s unfair. It is unfair to me to compare myself to you and your journey, it is unfair for us, as women, to compare ourselves to one another. Period.