Behind the scenes with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Every time I sit down with a powerful working mom, I wrestle with whether to ask the “mom question.” I don’t want to be part of perpetuating a double standard by asking women in business a question that men are not asked. However, as a mom myself, I want to know the answer — How do they do it? What are their mom hacks? What can I learn from them?

When I first met YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, I was moderating a panel she was on for Harvard alums. We were both wrapping up our maternity leaves. She had just…

The Book of Vinod Khosla: This Week on Studio 1.0

Behind the scenes with Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla is best known for shunning convention and taking massive risks on companies he calls “black swans” — companies with a near complete chance of failure. But, if they succeed, the world will be forever changed. I’ve been curious about where this audacity comes from and convinced Khosla to sit down for Bloomberg Studio 1.0. Though Khosla may sound incredibly intimidating, in person he’s got a warm, friendly smile and even brought his son to watch our interview. He talked to us about his journey from Delhi to founding…

Behind the scenes with Padma Warrior

Padmasree Warrior has been on all the lists. The most powerful women in tech. The most powerful women in the world. Even President Obama follows her on Twitter. And her name says it all. “Warrior” has climbed to the top in a male-dominated industry where the glass ceiling and the glass cliff have prevented so many women from going.

In this episode of Studio 1.0, she opens up about everything it took to become the newly anointed “queen of electric cars” as the USA CEO of the Chinese startup NextEV. She talks about her early days as an engineering student…

Sean Parker: At Home and Personal

Sean Parker speaking at his Los Angeles Mansion

Star tours helicopters criss-cross perpetually over Sean Parker’s Los Angeles home. It happens to be right next to the Playboy Mansion. He bought the place from Ellen Degeneres for $55 million in 2014. TMZ broke the news.

Naturally, I expected the “Bad Boy of Silicon Valley” to live up to his not-so-squeaky-clean reputation. But rather than grandly emerging 30 seconds before the interview was scheduled to start, Parker greeted our crew hours beforehand. His kids were darting around. His staff was incredibly attentive and gracious. Parker himself spent a considerable amount of time obsessing…

Behind the scenes with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

This Sunday marks the premiere of the fourth season of Studio 1.0 and it’s better than ever! Ok, I’m biased, but every time I finish one of these long-form interviews, my mind is blown and I’m reminded why I wanted to launch this show in the first place — to get to know the newsmakers we talk about every day in greater depth and scope.

We kick it off with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner in his first television interview since LinkedIn’s stock plunged after its last earnings report. The company’s market cap was almost immediately slashed by nearly half, and…

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